General Info

At Hazel Findlay, we strive to help older people live to their highest potential as individuals who seek independence, good health, and personal fulfillment. To aide in admission to our facility, the information below will explain more about the process.

Checklist for Admission

This form must be filled out by the primary doctor. The physician must also include a signed letter stating the recommended type of care. All information should reflect the resident’s condition within the last 30 days.

Application for Admission

This form should be filled out by the family or primary caregiver. It is important that all information is as accurate and up to date as possible to give a correct overview of the individual’s current care needs. Be sure to include copies of insurance cards, competency paperwork, and any advance directives or power of attorney documents.

What to Bring

This list provides an idea of what personal items should be brought into the facility as well as what should not be brought with you during your stay.