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Admission Information

Hazel Findlay helps people live to their highest potential as individuals who seek independence, good health, and personal fulfillment. To prepare for admission, please review the information below. If you need help or have questions, please call us at (989) 224-8936 and ask for Admissions or our Team Growth Officer.

Checklist for Admission

This form must be completed by the primary care physician. The physician must include a signed letter stating the recommended type of care. All information should reflect the resident’s condition within the last 30 days.

Application for Admission

This form must be completed by the family or primary caregiver. Accurate and current information is necessary for us to provide the person needed care and services. Provide us with the original or copies of insurance cards, competency/decision-making paperwork, advance directives/patient advocate documents and/or durable power of attorney specifying healthcare and/or financial oversight documents. We are happy to make copies for you if you bring original documents.

What to Bring

This list is an example of personal items to bring and items that should not be brought to our facility.