EFFECTIVE 11/16/2021

There are COVID POSITIVE RESIDENTS. You may visit during this time but need to be aware of the risks of potential exposure that may include but are not limited to:

  • Contracting COVID and experiencing the symptoms of COVID including and up to respiratory distress, cold or flu-like symptoms
  • If you would like to be tested for COVID prior to visiting, please let the receptionist know and it will be arranged
  • Please contact your physician immediately if you believe you have COVID and STAY HOME!
  • We love having you visit UNLESS you have symptoms of COVID, flu, the common cold – STAY HOME if you have any of these symptoms
  • VISITORS MUST BE FREE OF SYMPTOMS TO VISIT – no coughing, runny noses, fevers (if you have unseen symptoms, STAY HOME)
  • We are trying to reduce risk of infections for our most frail residents
  • The doors will be open for visitation daily between 8:30 AM and 6:30 PM.
  • If you’d like to visit before or after those times, please call the building or use the buzzer to be let in.
  • You must be SYMPTOM FREE to visit – no coughing, runny nose, temperature (if you have unseen symptoms, STAY HOME)
  • You must wear an N95 SURGICAL FACE MASK CORRECTLY – covering NOSE AND MOUTH and either goggles and face shield (we provide these)
  • If you cannot wear these items correctly, we will ask you to leave

COVID-19 Update: 01/19/2022

Current Positive Cases

Residents: 2

Staff: 8

Total Cases

Residents: 25

Staff: 79

5 Star Facility

We are excited to announce that Hazel Findlay is a 5-star rated facility in both RN staffing and overall staffing! In fact, we are leaps and bounds above most everyone else!

Out of the 439 facilities in Michigan, Hazel Findlay ranks 24th for the number of CNA hours provided to residents and 30th for the number of nurse hours!

Our staff and residents are so fortunate that we can maintain such high levels of staffing numbers which directly affect the kind of care we give our residents!