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At Hazel Findlay, we live our mission every day: to help people live to their highest potential as individuals who seek independence, good health, and personal fulfillment. 

Thanks to our high-quality therapy program, we are a place to recover after an illness or surgery. Because of our compassionate and dedicated caregivers, we are a welcoming home. Due to our emphasis on excelling as a team, we are the perfect place to start your new career or advance in your chosen profession.  We invite you to discover everything Hazel Findlay has to offer.  

Rehabilitation: we specialize in state-of-the-art physical, occupational and speech therapy. We achieve positive outcomes through communications between patient, physician and therapist. Our programs include orthopedic and neurological rehabilitation, as well as pain management.  

Long-term care: with help from our staff, residents can live with specialized care services to promote their well-being with dignity and respect. 

Career: what jobs come to mind when you think of long-term care? Of course, caregivers. However, there are also other types of essential and fulfilling jobs available at Hazel Findlay

Hazel Findlay Skilled Nursing Center continues to be a 5-star rated facility, according to the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services. This means we have been recognized as “much above average” in comparison to other facilities in the nation.

There are more than 430 skilled nursing facilities in Michigan and our NURSE staffing ratios (licensed nurse and nursing assistants) rank in the top 10%. We provide more hours of nursing care than most other centers. Maintaining such high levels of staffing positively impacts the kind of care we give our residents!

We also have been recognized by the American Health Care Association with a Bronze Commitment to Quality Award. In 2024, Newsweek once again recognized us as being one of “America’s Best Nursing Homes.”

We invite you to get to know our talented and dedicated staff. Contact us today to see for yourself the quality care provided at Hazel Findlay!

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We are open for visitation! Our doors are open for visitors daily between 8:30 AM and 6:30 PM. If you’d like to visit before or after those times, please call the building in advance or use the buzzer near the front door to be admitted.

We are constantly working to reduce the risk of infections for our most frail residents, but we need your help. VISITORS MUST BE FREE OF SYMPTOMS – no coughing, runny noses or fevers. If you have unseen symptoms, please, STAY HOME.

Please be aware that there is still a risk of potential exposure that may include but is not limited to: contracting COVID and experiencing the symptoms of COVID including and up to respiratory distress, cold or flu-like symptoms.

If you would like to be tested for COVID prior to visiting, please let the receptionist know and it will be arranged.

Please contact your physician immediately if you believe you have COVID and STAY HOME!

Masks are no longer required but are available if you prefer.

Current Positive Cases

Residents: 0

Staff: 0

Total Cases since March 2020

Residents: 101

Staff: 181